Monday, April 25, 2011

Ducati Apollo

I guess not many have heard about it. Ducati to the current generation and my generation (Generation X) are symbolised with red or yellow super sports bikes with the distinguished front lights. But in the early 6os, Fabio Taglioni made a 1260cc V four which is all about the APOLLO. Only 2 of such engines were built, one of which is now on display at Ducati's factory museum in Bologna. No one knows about the second. Maybe because only 2 were made, the Apollo today enjoys a mythical reputation like the comic hero Phantom, revered and with awe. At that time, 85% Ducatis were sold in U.S. The Ducati U.S wing, lead by Joe Berliner was rich in finance and it wanted to make an impact in the cruiser segment, U.S favorite motorcycle segment. Of course Harley Davidson was a big star already and Ducati wanted to take the HD brand head on. Discussions went on with Ducati Italy and they agreed that Ducati U.S will provide the financial aid to its parent corporation in Italy in lieu of that U.S would be allowed to dictate the prototype’s specifications. The stipulation was that the bike should have an engine bigger than anything in Harley's range, which was then topped by the 1215cc FL-series models. The remainder of the technical specifications was left to Taglioni, who decided on a 90-degree V-four.

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Ducati Apollo

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