Friday, February 11, 2011

2011 Yamaha R6 Bike

2011 Yamaha R6
2011 Yamaha R6
2011 Yamaha R6 View2011 Yamaha R6

Supersport fanatics eagerly awaiting an all-new Yamaha R6 for 2011 are being told they’ll have to wait another year.

Yamaha is known to be working on a replacement for the current machine, which has been in production since 2006 with only minor changes since, but buyers asking dealers about a new bike are being told the bike won’t be on sale until 2012.

The current machine, which received a mild update for 2010, will remain on sale.

MCN understands from supply-chain insiders that the bike in development is an all-new machine borrowing heavily from the M1 MotoGP bike – a new chassis, a new engine and bodywork closely aping the shape of Rossi and Lorenzo’s machines.

A cross-plane crank won’t feature however – the benefit of more useable power isn’t enough on a 600 to justify the weight penalty that comes with R1’s cross-plane crank and associated balance shaft.

A 600 engine is deemed useable enough with a conventional 180° crank.

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