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bimota motorcycles

Italy's Emilia Romagna region, the home of Bimota, is the technical and cultural heart of Italian motorcycle passion, development and manufacture. The design and engineering of sport motorcycles and automobiles in this province, known as the 'terra dei motori' (the land of engines), is simply a way of life. Today it remains fertile ground for the most exciting new design concepts and performance advancements for racing and street-legal motorcycles alike.

Since the 70's, Bimota has produced distinct sport motorcycles with innovative solutions to motorcycle design, construction and chassis dynamics, most notably that of advanced hybrid-trellis frames, development of hub-center steering and extreme attention to hand-crafted detail. Ultimate sport bikes

The engines selected by Bimota are acquired directly from the world's top producers. Over the years, production included power plants from Ducati, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki. Most models were initially developed as race only machines. The popular Japanese and European engines, mated to the advanced Bimota chassis and components, have always been considered the ultimate custom sport bikes, and the marque of choice for the most sophisticated riders.

The performance advantages of a Bimota motorcycle have been widely recognised by both street riders and competitive racers alike. Bimota race bikes have carried such great names as Virginio Ferrari, Davide Tardozzi, Johnny Cecotto, Stefan Mertens, Giancarlo Falappa, Randy Mamola and many others to victories on the world stage.

The pride of details

Bimota's unique position in the history of Italian sport bikes, one of technical innovation, unique design, hand-crafting and uncompromising component quality, has always been the primary directive and soul of Bimota. Since the rebirth of Bimota in 2003, these priorities have taken shape in the new generation models DB5, DB6 Delirio and Tesi 3D, all powered exclusively by Ducati Desmo engines. Together, in the world of sport motorcycles, these three model families make an outstanding offer in the Super Sport (DB5), Sport Special (Tesi 3D), and Sport Naked (DB6) segments of the market. Every Bimota motorcycle is proudly designed, engineered and manufactured by hand solely in the Bimota factory in Rimini, Italy.

The Bimota Superbike

Now, in the newest and most exciting chapter of the Bimota story, Bimota returns to the ultimate sport bike segment, the Superbike class, with the introduction of the 2008 DB7. Powered by the incredible Ducati 1098 Testastretta Evoluzione engine, the DB7 enhances the performance of the motor with Bimota chassis concepts and exceptional lightweight. The new Bimota Superbike introduces a long list of innovations including a beautiful oval tube hybrid-trellis frame, distinct Bimota styling, a structural carbon fiber rear sub-frame and unrivalled component details. Bimota performance and innovation has never been more beautiful.

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