tomahawk 1

Well, there is a reason I did not go out of my way and call it the fastest two wheeler on turf and that is quite simple because it ain’t one. The Tomahawk is still a bike but it seems to have four wheels under it. To carry this super heavy weight among the bikes that is pretty much a requirement. But that does not take away an iota of style or sheer intimidating appearance that the Tomahawk carries. This is pretty much the “Iron Mike’ among the bikes and is designed to deliver that early second round knock out. That does not mean that there is nothing pretty about this machine.

The Tomahawk is a Viper V-10 based motorcycle, a 500 horsepower engine with four wheels beneath it. Chrysler will be selling the original Tomahawk concept and nine replicas through Neiman Marcus, for up to $555,000 each. A Chrysler spokesman told Reuters they were meant as rolling sculptures. Rumors had the Tomahawk would be selling for under $200,000, most likely at a loss or break-even price, for publicity purposes - but still fully drivable. Wolfgang Bernhard, Chrysler’s not particularly respected first mate, was said to be enthusiastic about that project, so much so that hundreds were projected to be built at under $200,000 each. They reportedly cost Chrysler over $100,000 to build.

tomahawk 2

This super heavy weight is crafted to intimidate and destroy all competition. That does not mean that you can carry this on to the road as you would never be able to obtain a license for it. So they are nothing but rolling sculptures and that is a heavy price to pay for something that you can’t take out and flaunt. The bike, if needed to run, runs on 93 octane unleaded premium and has a 10-cylinder V-type engine. Reminds me so much of the days when I started to play ‘RoadRash’. Now this piece of automobile mastery is not for all and is not designed for daily use obviously. But if you want to just take a look at this super monster then you can visit the nearest auto show sporting it. With a top speed of well over 350 mph, this thing will blur everything around!