Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Suzuki Thunder Sport

Cold has a motor that looks nyerempet Hayabusa but insufficient capital? Should be imitated tricks performed nih Tauco Custom (TC) in the Thunder 125's veto of this physics. Budget that came out not to USD 10 million but the motor was found desirable to maximum.

"I do have expensive purchases to make like this," said Topo Goedhel Atmodjo, TC owners. Course must be keen in choosing variations that are used for even cheaper not to be cheap.

For example, the Thunder is to head lamp. "It costs only around USD 250 thousand but the model is just right," said the often modifikator this strange effect. Well, he's good at times ini.3880thunder-topo-yf-2.jpg

So did the rest. For example monosok suspension and speedometer. "Just put a Satria F-150 but was able to form a right," continued citizen Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

Medium to full-custom bodinya own 0.8 mm galvanized plate a la TC. "The model is designed own yes but the front GSX-style leads.'s Tail TC pure innovation," he said cuap man who will soon be launching this successful travel book.

It is for this body design matters, TC success. Likewise with the swinging arm of that has changed so much handsome. The maximum for this minimalist budget.

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