Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lauge Jensen from Denmark will double the hard-core biking pleasure

Lauge Jensen is the latest motorcycle in the world and I can also say that it is the last motorcycle manufactured in Denmark.

The Lauge Jensen bike has 1.8-liter engine that delivers 70cv to 4300 rpm, a classic American twin-injection and a torque of 120Nm at 3100 rpm and it is approved Euro 3. With the help of 5-speed gearbox, the 300 kg monster can reach the maximum speed of 180km/hr. To ensure adequate safety, with a 250 mm rear tire mounted on 18-inch wheels has been powered by a three disk brake system.

Uffe Lauge Jensen has decided again to add Denmark to the list of countries turning out 2 wheelers. Denmark didn’t have any regulations or laws in place for doing this as there was no procedure for manufacturing them. Uffe Lauge Jensen is a bit stubborn.

Denmark offered Lauge Jensen only in four different colors for now. Those guys who love the winding roads and beautiful landscape, this Lauge Jensen can raise the hard-core biking pleasure. Price of this product is $47,000.

So, guys! What are you waiting for? Just take a ride.
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