Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2010 Cosmos 4RWF V8 Muscle Bike: The future Bike

Luxury cars are liked by everyone. Similarly, luxury bikes are also liked by all. But just imagine if you get a chance to ride four-wheelers bike then how will you feel? Yes, the high-powered 2010 Cosmos 4RWF V8 Muscle Bike is coming your way that has four wheels.

Brazilian Amadeu Ferreira Junior has designed luxury bikes that are macho in looks. Its revolutionary four-wheeled concept is called ‘Cosmos 4RWF’ that includes the features two 17-inch wheels in the rear and two wheels in the front with a fuel injected 350 cubic inch engine. It will have a maximum speed of 350hp with a 3-gear transmission which includes a reverse gear.

The V8 motorcycle is made in limited numbers with the price rate of $93,200. The two-wheeled traditional 2RWF version comes with the price rate of $82,100 and the rest of the specs remaining same.

4RWF – Bike Specifications

Engine – Fuel Injected ZZ4 Crate Engine 350CI 355HP HO
Transmission – 3 Gears, plus Reverse
Horsepower – 350hp at 5250 RPM
Chassis – Mono-Block
Brakes – Dual Disc Front / Single Disc Rear
Wheels – 2x Front 17″, 2x Rear 17″
Wheel Base – 2.03 meters
Overall Length – 2.60 meters
Frame – 0.90 meters
Tank – 22 liters
Seat Height – 0.70 meters
Dry Weight: 475 kg

2RWF – Bike Specifications

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